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(Tribunal was in session at Beirut, 19th and 20th May 2016)

Prosecutor General of the International Tribunal of Conscience For the Middle East               …………………Complainant


  – Versus –

  1. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant / ISIS/Daesh, the AL Qaeda of the region, its offshoots and related organizations, their leaders and mercenary fighters in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.
  1. Al Nusra Front, its offshoots and related organizations, the Al Qaeda of the region, their leaders and mercenary fighters in Syria and Lebanon.
  1. Salman bin Abdul Aziz, King of Saudi Arabia
  1. Mohammed bin Nayef, Minister of Defense of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other civil and military officials involved in the Conspiracy.    ………………Accused



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The International Criminal Tribunal of Conscience for the Middle East was convened by the Department of Legal Studies of the Consultative Center for Studies and Documentation at Beirut, a specialised scientific institution established in 1998 for research, analysis and information on development, strategic and policy issues in the fields related to the Arab-Zionist conflict, US policies, globalisation, relations between the Islamic world and the West, and the global movement against war, occupation and economic hegemony. 

The  Bar Associations of Syria and Iraq and lawyers, jurists  and professors of law from Iraq, Syria and Lebanon were actively involved in participating and assisting the Tribunal in the two trials held on 19th and 20th of May 2016. 

The first trial related to the aggression, genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the head of state and defence minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Yemen; and the second trial focused on the aggression genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity on Iraq, Syria and Lebanon waged by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia among other governments, planning, preparing, initiating and waging a war of aggression in the region by  recruiting , financing, arming and deploying ISIS and the Al Nusra Front, Jabhat al Nusra) among other such  mercenary terrorist combatants along with covert special forces in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Although these judgments were handed down in spring of 2016, subsequent events have made them more relevant than ever.


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Amnesty Report on Syria: A Piece of Propaganda, Not Documentation

— Jacob Levich

In a highly publicized report released February 8, 2017, Amnesty International purports to have found evidence that between 5,000 and 13,000 extrajudicial “mass hangings” took place in Syria ‘s Saydnaya Prison from 2011 to 2015. However, close scrutiny of the report reveals that these numbers were plucked out of thin air. (more…)

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