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Issue No. 57 of Aspects of India’s Economy is now available online.


The Real Agenda of the Gates Foundation: Introduction

I. The World’s Largest Private Foundation

II. Foundations and Imperialism

III. Gates and Big Pharma

IV. A Broader Agenda

The Gates Foundation in India: A Primer

Suniti Kumar Ghosh, 1918-2014


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Suniti Kumar Ghosh died on May 11, at the age of 96. It is not a passing to be mourned but a life, rich and meaningful, to be celebrated.

On the face of it, his life had two major phases: The first was one of direct political activity; the second was of research and writing.

He became closely associated with the Tebhaga struggle in 1946-47, and accepted membership of the Communist Party of India (CPI). He left the Party after the 20th Congress of the Soviet Communist Party in 1956, but India’s China war of 1962 made him feel he should take active part in politics again, and he told his wife that the future would be uncertain. After some initial refusals, he was persuaded to join the CPI(M) when it was formed; but by 1966 he felt ‘enough was enough’ and left the CPI(M). When the peasant uprising in Naxalbari in 1967 was led by some communists of the Siliguri area after their release from prison, he joined the communist revolutionary movement. He became a member of the All India Coordination Committee of Communist Revolutionaries (AICCCR) and later, a member of the Central Committee of CPI(ML). He edited the central organ of the CPI(ML), Liberation, right from its inception till April 1972 (in later years he was to compile a rich anthology of writings from Liberation). He remained in the movement for the rest of the decade, and only returned home when he was left with no option. In that decade of the movement not only he, but his family (his wife Anima and his two daughters), suffered turmoil, uncertainty, hardship and repression. He never forgot the martyrs of that movement, to whom he dedicated several of his writings; nor “the debt – that can never be repaid – I owe to those who, sharing my ideals and braving immense risks, gave me shelter and food when shelter was more precious than food.”


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